Statement on Racism

At Northwind Co-op we stand for a healthy and inclusive community and that does not stop with food. 

We believe there should be equal rights for all, justice for wrong-doing, acceptance of all and compassion for one another.  We believe in standing up for our beliefs and creating action and awareness for inequality and injustice.  We aim to be a part of creating a better, more compassionate community and world.  We stand with those who have been mistreated or lost their lives because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or untreated mental health issues.  We stand with our community, we stand for equal rights and fair treatment for all.



We are a member-owned cooperative health food store located in Downtown Ironwood, Michigan. The Northwind Natural Foods Co-op was formed in 1979 to provide the Gogebic Range and surrounding areas with access to whole, natural and organic food. Since that time we have striven to be more than a grocery store. Every day we work to enhance our community and improve the quality of life in our neck of the woods.

While we are member owned, membership is optional.

All are welcome!

We are open to the public and value all of our customer’s.

All are welcome!



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We couldn’t exist without the support of our members.  The fee to join is $25 and is good for  a whole household.  To learn about all the perks of membership, click here.


Cooperatives derive their strength from the active participation of their members. There are many opportunities and perks for being a volunteer, to find out how to get involved, click here.

Local Producers

Our focus is on local, organic and environmentally conscious products. To see more about our products, or if you are a local farmer, producer, artist, or would like us to sell your merchandise, click here.

Looking for more information about Ironwood?  Find out more about the area here!