About Us

We are a member-owned cooperative health food store located in Downtown Ironwood, Michigan. The Northwind Natural Foods Co-op was formed in 1979 to provide the Gogebic Range and surrounding areas with access to whole, natural and organic food. Since that time we have strived to be more than a grocery store. Everyday we work to enhance our community and improve the quality of life in our neck of the woods.


  • To provide a marketing and purchasing outlet for primarily natural, organic, unprocessed foods and related items at a minimum price on a non-profit basis.
  • To educate and promote to the community healthy lifestyles, wellness and a whole foods diet emphasizing natural, organic and unprocessed foods.
  • To educate the community to the benefits and potentials of our cooperative, and cooperatives in general, and to cooperate with other cooperatives.

Meet Our Board Members

  • Helena Longhini, President
  • Carly Reil, Vice President
  • Heather Hillman, Secretary
  • Tracy Truesdell, Treasurer
  • Nina Fiorucci, Board Member
  • Keri DeRosso, Board Member

Check our event page for our schedule of board meetings. All members are welcome.  

Meet Our Staff

Cathy Flory, Manager

Iowa Native and University of Iowa graduate who spent many years event planning and the hospitality industry in Colorado and California moved to the U.P. to enjoy the outdoors and a slower pace of life. 

“Finding my place at the Co-op continues to shape my U.P. experience. The support I’ve gained from being a part of a mindful and health driven  community has been incredibly meaningful.”